Here are few awesome reasons to schedule a wash with UrbanDhobi.

48 Hours Delivery

UrbanDhobi deliver backs clothes in just 48 hours at your doorstep.

Liquid Detergent

We understand your love for your clothes, we use only surf excel liquid to wash the clothes.

Hygenic Washing

We don't mix your clothes with another customer, thus we maintain hygiene.

Affordable Price

Our prices are really affordable and best in the industry.



We will provide Washing & folding of clothes in neat packing


Washing & Ironing of clothes with smart packing.


Dry cleaning of clothes without any use of water.


We give you good documentation to make easy to understand.


Here are some reccomendations from our happy customers

Tripti Sharma

HR Consultant

I recently used the services of Urban Dhobi. My first order came out curiosity as i was tempted to try the services but after that i stuck with urban dhobi solely because of the good quality of washing. I would like to sieze this opportunity to testify the excellent work they have been doing.

Karan Singh

Rangoli Gardens Resident

I am happy with the time to time coordination from UrbanDhobi team , Washing and packing was really wonderful , they kept their promise of delivering in 48 hours, i really recommend their services.

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